108 Years Old Doctor

Dr. Hara credited his longevity to daily application of  okyu  (moxibustion).

Dr. Hara credited his longevity to daily application of okyu (moxibustion).

There was a doctor who practiced medicine until he was 104 years old. 

His name is Shimetaro Hara, M.D. (photo at left). Born in Fukuoka, Japan in 1882.
Founder of Kashiihara Hospital in Fukuoka. (http://www.kashiihara.or.jp/)

He had been the oldest living Japanese man for two months when he passed away on June 18, 1991 at age of 108 years old. 

So what is his secret of his longevity?

…It is daily “Moxibustion.” 

Moxibustion (Moxa + combustion) is a heat application treatment on the acupuncture points with the use of a herb called “Moxa”(see photo at right). It is an essential part of Japanese-style Acupuncture. 

The purpose of moxibustion is to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of Qi (Chi), and enhance the immune system. 

At Kyushu University Medical School, Dr. Hara conducted moxibustion research including, “The Hematological Effects of Moxibustion.” In this study, he found moxibustion’s effects on increased white blood cell counts and enhanced phagocytic activity of the white blood cells.

After that, he became a lifelong advocate of moxibustion as a method of health promotion and freedom from disease.


He diligently practiced this method himself and proved its remarkable effects by living so long. There is an episode that when his son, also a medical doctor, caught a cold, Dr. Hara scolded his son of not doing moxibustion regularly.

Masako Wada, a licensed acupuncturist and Applied Clinical Nutritionist in Austin, Texas